Climbers are one of the most versatile plant groups, whether grown with support against a wall or archway or, if unsupported some provide weed smothering ground cover.
They are used to add a vertical element to planting schemes providing an immediate visual impact. The more vigorous climbers can be used to provide effective screening of unsightly walls or buildings.
With a careful choice of plants climbers can provide interest throughout the year, and for virtually any situation.
We keep stocks of the following climbers for:
North-facing walls:                                                             Other:
Akebia quinata                                                                        Actinidia
Clematis, some                                                                       Campsis
Hedera, some                                                                          Passiflora
Humulus lupulus                                                                     Rosa       
Hydrangea petiolaris
Lathyrus latifolius
Lonicera x heckrottii
Lonicera x tellmanniana
Parthenocissus, some
Rosa Mme Alfred Carriere
Vitis coignetiae
Euonymus fortunei
Humulus lulpulus
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