Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit and vegetable is becoming increasingly popular, from container growing or using an area within your garden to renting an allotment.
We stock seeds or can provide pots or packs of small vegetable plants.
Seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets are available in season.
A wide range of fruit trees on assorted root stocks and soft fruit are offered:
Blackberries                                                                               Almonds
Blueberries                                                                                 Apples
Currants, black, red and white                                                Cherries
Figs                                                                                              Damsons
Gooseberries                                                                             Gauges
Grapes                                                                                         Hazel Nuts
Jostaberries                                                                                Mulberries
Loganberries                                                                              Nectarines
Raspberries                                                                                Peaches
Rhubarb                                                                                      Pears
Tayberries                                                                                  Plums
Tel: 01726 842360